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Casey Brennan

Senior Corporate Campaigner

Casey and his family live work and play in and around Fernie in the heart of Canada’s beautiful Southern Rockies. Casey has more than twenty five years of experience working with communities small and large trying to move human systems toward greater balance with nature.


More about me…

I spent a decade managing Wildsight’s Southern Rockies campaign before moving on to work with Teck Resources’ Elk Valley Community and Aboriginal Relations team for five years. During my post secondary studies, I focused on social networks and watershed protection while at the University of Victoria for a Masters in Environmental Studies and interdisciplinary social sciences as part of a honours BA in Urban Studies and Urban Economic Geography at the University of Toronto. I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario where I fell in love with connecting with nature while roving around the endangered Carolinian forests surrounding the western end of Lake Ontario. I moved out to the Rockies to get my ski bum on while at the same time building the strongest connection to the land, air and water (both solid and liquid) I have felt anywhere on earth. I have traveled and worked around the world and understand the depth of our impact on the planet and the scarcity and importance of intact ecosystems.


Why are forests important to me?

Standing among and connecting with ancient trees nourishes my soul. There is no greater experience for me than moving though and being still in an intact forested landscape. As a deep ecologist I recognize that our species is connected to and dependent on the web of life and all the other creatures we share this planet with. Forests are one of the fundamental systems in that web. Without ancient forests in their many forms of expression across the globe humanity and many of our fellow earthlings will certainly suffer both culturally and physically.


Why Canopy?

Canopy is one of the most effective organizations I know of. We work on solutions that make a difference on the ground and throughout society. We are helping shift entire production and consumption systems toward greater sustainability and we’re having fun doing it.


Ask me about…

The urgent need for reconciliation between colonial and neo-colonial systems of power and indigenous cultures and ways of knowing and understanding how to respect and protect our home. Also syntropy, noospheres and integral ecology can always serve to start a good conversation.


What ruffles my feathers?

Lack of respect for the other creatures we share this miraculous planet with and a disregard or willful ignorance of the growing science based understanding of our impacts on their ability to survive and thrive.