Amanda Carr - Canopy
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Amanda Carr

Director of Strategic Initiatives

Amanda’s conservation successes include the negotiation of the Great Bear Rainforest Agreement, which to date protects over 7 million acres of rare coastal temperate rainforest and includes a $120 million private-public conservation-financing package. At Canopy, Amanda is strategic lead on our CanopyStyle campaign, as well as our work to protect Canada’s forests. She also supports the Canopy team on our North America’s largest printers campaign.



More about Me

I am an environmental scientist and worked as a consultant on projects in the US, Viet Nam and Canada.  Much of this work was focused on restoring ecosystems and mitigating environmental impacts and I woke up one morning and realized I could be more proactive.  I took a job as a forest campaigner in the remarkable Great Bear Rainforest, was a lead in securing the largest private-public conservation financing package in North American history, saw the announcement of 2 million hectares of protected areas and laid the ground work for cutting-edge logging practices.  I learned the power of the customer and the invaluable role the international marketplace can play in conservation solutions.

Why Are Forests Important To Me?

My first job after graduating from university took me to places seen in BBC Earth documentaries.  I was studying whales and the nutrient exchange between the forests and the kelp beds where the whales were feeding.  Camping in the rainforest for weeks at a time with bears, salmon, cougars and wolves, being on the ocean with whales and living in the First Nations community of Ahousaht was an unparalleled experience.  These rainforests made me who I am.  Drippy and a little wet behind the ears take on a whole new meaning.

Why Canopy?

Canopy has an entrepreneurial spirit that is unparalleled in the environmental movement.  A nimble, dynamic and motivated team with a focus on delivering impact and results.

Ask Me About

Systems.  Yes really.  Really?  Yup.  I like thinking about systems. What pressures are on resources, companies and individuals to make good choices and poor choices and how to make systems work for healthy people, healthy businesses and a healthy planet.  Finding solutions to problems by thinking about the entire system and what needs to shift.  Having managed the corporate engagement strategy for a $3.4 billion ethical investment fund my system obsession enjoys managing risks, governance and understanding regulatory tools.

What ruffles my feathers?

People who don’t recognize they are a part of something bigger.  Collaboration is what makes things happen and I find those that don’t praise the contributions of those around them are missing out and pretty darn annoying to boot.  Looking forward to meeting you and being part of something big together!