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A Love Letter to the Ancient and Endangered Forests of the World

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International Day of Forests — March 21 — is a day to honor and celebrate the world’s forests. Forests are integral, vibrant ecosystems, crucial to sustaining life on Earth, enabling plants and animals (including us) to thrive. They hold future pandemics at bay, and continue the circle of life that keeps us — and our planet — healthy.

Today, forests, especially the world’s most Ancient and Endangered forests, are under threat. On this day, send a virtual love letter to the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests and let’s make a difference together.

To the world's Ancient and Endangered Forests

As we join together in celebration on the International Day of Forests, I want to celebrate and honor you, for everything you do.

Ancient and Endangered Forests, you improve the quality of the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink. You keep our planet’s climate in delicate balance and even in difficult times give us hope. From our very first breath we were connected to you. You deserve our utmost care and protection.

By signing this letter, I commit to stand with you and to make choices that keep you standing for generations to come. 

With love.

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Each year, more and more of the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests are cut down to make paper packaging. This isn’t just a loss of trees; entire ecosystems are being dismantled, and the impact of this loss is far-reaching. Keeping these forests standing is critical to protect biodiversity, a balanced climate, and human health.

That’s why Canopy exists. We understand how vital these forest ecosystems are to our natural world — and to our survival. Canopy works in direct partnership with leading global brands to ensure that our precious Ancient and Endangered Forests don’t end up as pizza boxes or shipping boxes. There are solutions, and with your support, many companies are ready to make the change to protect our natural world.

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