British Columbia's old-growth forests are irreplacable

Some things can’t be replaced.

British Columbia used to be the land of giants, with trees towering 250 feet tall.

For thousands of years, these forests have cleaned our air and water, nurtured species, stabilized the climate, and been stewarded by Indigenous Nations through the jurisdictional management of their traditional lands.

Today, logging continues even though less than 3% of these vital, old-growth forests remain.

Premier Horgan, protect the irreplaceable.

©Phillpe Henry

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Each year, more and more of the world’s Ancient and Endangered Forests are cut down to make paper packaging and viscose. This isn’t just a loss of trees; entire ecosystems are being dismantled, and the impact of this loss is far-reaching. Keeping these forests standing is critical to protect biodiversity, a balanced climate, and human health. That’s why Canopy exists.

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By supporting Canopy’s work, you help to protect the world’s most integral forests and change the systems that drive their degradation and loss.

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