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Double Your Impact: Donate by April 9th

I remember standing on a mountaintop, looking at scarred landscape — what used to be a vibrant forest teeming with life — when I knew we needed a new strategy to save these integral ecosystems. I knew that we didn’t need to cut down trees that have been alive for a thousand years or more and decimate forests just to make pizza boxes, books, and t-shirts.

I founded Canopy to protect these integral ecosystems and to find smarter, more sustainable packaging solutions to keep forests standing, protect the brimming biodiversity they hold, and help confront the growing climate and health crises.

There has never been a better time to join our work to protect Ancient and Endangered Forests. And thanks to a generous donor, all donations to Canopy through April 9, up to $15,000, will be matched. Please make a gift today, and your donation will go twice as far.

Right now, we are in what must be our turnaround decade — ten years to shift the way we live, the way we do business, and our relationship with the planet we call home. There is a looming climate crisis, but it’s not too late to find our way to a sustainable future together.

Canopy has made enormous strides by working with hundreds of brand and innovation partners to bring smarter, more sustainable solutions to the forefront. Together, we are creating a foundation of change to catalyze solutions and meet the scientifically necessary goals for conserving carbon and bio-diverse forest ecosystems.

Our timeline for climate action is underway. By 2030, we need to ramp up our efforts to stabilize the climate, protect biodiversity, and ensure the overall health of people and planet for all of us.

Please make a gift right now and your donation will go twice as far to protect Ancient and Endangered Forests and our climate.

You are an ally for these incredible forests. With your help, we can meet the science, and protect forests, biodiversity, people, and climate. Donate now, and your gift will be automatically doubled.

Thank you for working for a greener world,


Nicole Rycroft
Founder and Executive Director