Hemlock Printers

Inspiring Supply Chain Innovations

When it comes to innovation in the supply chain, Hemlock Printers is on a roll — always on the ‘look out to push print and sustainability boundaries’. In January 2004, Hemlock Printers became the first printing company in the Pacific Northwest to receive FSC Chain-of-Custody certification. A year later the printer became the first in North America to develop and adopt an overarching Ancient Forest Friendly™ policy with Canopy — a policy the company just updated to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

For over a decade, Hemlock has led with an admirable degree of transparency and an impressive list of paper supply chain innovations. Initially, the company co-hosted a green paper seminar, trained sales reps to promote papers with environmental attributes and started including an ecological audit for different paper choices as part of its everyday quoting process. After conducting a carbon footprint study, Hemlock also developed its own carbon-offset program called “Zero ”.

Today, Hemlock still stands as a model for all printers in the area of innovation. For example, in 2014 the company designed an exclusive 100 % Post Consumer Waste (pcw) text and cover sheet with Neenah, one of the mills in North America offering a range of 100 % recycled grades. The sales of this innovative sheet also result in carbon offsets by forwarding conservation areas in the Great Bear Rainforest with revenue going to First Nations through the company’s offset program. Hemlock presented at the renowned Globe conference to promote the availability of Step Forward, a 60% wheat straw paper.

These two programs are exactly the kind of innovative leadership Canopy likes to inspire and applaud. Hemlock is taking steps that support print customers goals in advancing corporate sustainability, diversify the supply chain by supporting recycled and straw paper and advance endangered forest protection by showcasing alternatives to paper made from 100 % virgin fiber sources and resourcing conservation through carbon credits.

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