Guardian Media Group

The Guardian News and Media Group keeps their paper procurement policy relevant and alive through regular updates and reviews. From the newspaper itself, to the flyers and inserts, their policy sets out goals and targets for recycled content and commits to not sourcing from ancient and endangered forests.

As described to the audience of the Sustainable Brands UK conference in 2014,16 a rigorous program of self-evaluation combined with senior management support led to the development of the Guardian policy. This policy has proven to be a critical tool in building leadership and transparency in the company’s supply chain.

But even as an international communications icon, the Guardian is just one link in a long complex supply chain. In order to translate policy to action, the Guardian convened a conference in their London offices for their printers and newspaper suppliers.17

A highlight of this conference was the engagement of other large print users to both inspire and to underline the value proposition for printers. Keynote presentations from Marks & Spencer and B & Q (the largest home improvement and garden center retailer in the UK) served to underscore the business opportunities for printers that can meet their customers’ sustainability expectations.

The Guardian is continuing to set high expectations of its suppliers and for itself. It publishes progress on their Living our Values site.

View the Guardian Media Group paper policy.