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Collaborating with us

Canopy has successfully worked to green the purchasing practices of more than 750 large printers, book and newspaper publishers and leading fashion brands – from policy development, through implementation and supply chain innovation.


Each collaboration with a company is tailored. Canopy staff are dedicated to understanding how to best work within individual corporate cultures, while building consistent signals in forest product supply chain across sectors. We will work with a company to create more certainty for global forests and within supply chains.


Canopy’s collaboration with companies is based on shared sustainability objectives and goals. There are no membership fees, consulting fees or other costs to protecting forests with us and ensuring your paper, packaging, and/or fabrics are made from sustainable raw materials.  The foundation of our work together with companies starts with the development of a policy.


To learn more about how Canopy can support your company please contact:

Paper users and suppliers: Neva Murtha, at neva at canopyplanet dot org

Clothing brands, designers, retailers and suppliers: Amanda Carr, at amanda at canopyplanet dot org


Please also take a moment to visit our policy development page. We also invite you to explore our tools section where you will find resources to support you in protecting global ancient and endangered forests.



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