Nicole Rycroft, Founder and Executive Director of Canopy, had the following to say about the recent Renewcell announcement:

“We are deeply disappointed by the news of Renewcell’s bankruptcy. While the ground has never been more fertile for a NextGen transformation, the fashion value chain was not fully prepared to support this first-to-market leader in bringing sustainable fashion from niche to mainstream. 

This is a sobering moment for us all: without bold commitments from every stakeholder, including fibre producers, global brands, and governments, we will not be able to implement low-carbon solutions in time to limit global temperature rises and avoid the worst impacts of climate change. Now is the time for business leaders to align their actions with their promises and fully embrace market solutions available to them for real change, as well as for governments to provide stronger incentives to scale circular manufacturing. 

As one of the world’s first commercial-scale textile recycling mills, Renewcell has forged a trail for the entire fashion sector to follow. It’s not easy – as we’ve seen with the scaling of solutions like solar and electric vehicles – and it can be an especially bumpy path for pioneers until uptake reaches critical mass. But to protect the world’s forests, safeguard biodiversity, and sustain our planet, now is the time for all actors to step up and to bring Renewcell’s operations back online as well as enable the other ventures that are ready to scale.”