Protecting Forests

Core to our 2030 planning, Canopy dreams of a world where all ancient and endangered forests can sustain indigenous and traditional communities, biological and animal life and are free from the industrial degradation that has put so many of them at risk.

Canopy works to support our partnering companies reduce their environmental impact by making informed procurement choices that reduce the risk of sourcing from ancient and endangered forests globally. Over the years, we have channelled partner brands’ purchasing influence to help encourage change on the ground.

Together we work to protect, maintain or initiate conservation planning in special parts of the planet, as we did in the Great Bear Rainforest. We care deeply about the wellbeing of all high conservation value forests and are committed to increasing the total area of formally protected and conserved forest ecosystems around the world.

What are ancient and endangered forests?

Ancient and endangered forests are:

  • intact forest landscape mosaics,
  • naturally rare forest types,
  • forest types that have been made rare due to human activity, and/or
  • other forests that are ecologically critical for the protection of biological diversity.

Key endangered forests globally include the Canadian and Russian Boreal Forests; Coastal Temperate Rainforests of British Columbia, Alaska and Chile; Tropical forests and peat lands of Indonesia, the Amazon and West Africa.

Andrew Wright
Photo by Andrew Wright

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