Pack4Good Facts


  • Forest-based packaging is growing annually by approximately five percent and is forecast to double to 482 million tons/year by 2030. (Global Pulp & Paper Market Outlook & Prospects – 2017)
  • More than half the paper used globally is for paper packaging, with volumes on the increase. (EPN State of the Global Paper Industry 2018)
  • Three billion trees are logged every year to produce paper packaging. (Canopy 2019 and EPN Paper Calculator)
  • Three billion trees would cover an area the size of Belgium and the pulp from these trees weighs the equivalent of 6 million Boeing 737 aircrafts. (, EPN paper calculator)
  • Thirty percent of the climate solution lies with forests. (UNEP, 2018)
  • Of the world’s remaining forests, as much as eighty-two percent is now degraded to some extent as a result of direct human actions such as industrial logging, urbanization, agriculture and infrastructure. (Potapov et al, 2017 in Watson et al, 2018)

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