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Join Pack4Good!

Join Canopy’s Pack4Good initiative! Our team works with companies (at no cost) to develop policies, tools and systems to ensure their paper packaging doesn’t contain Ancient and Endangered Forests or other controversial sources. Canopy’s approach is collaborative and solutions-focused, and includes company-specific support in the pre-competitive sphere, where a sector-wide approach is necessary to improve sustainability throughout supply chains.

We will work with you to reduce overall forest fibre consumption for packaging through commitments in:

  • Design innovation for efficiencies and reduction. 
  • Utilization of recycled and post-consumer recycled fibre inputs.
  • Replacing virgin tree fibre with innovative next generation solutions such as agricultural residue inputs.

When virgin forest fibre is unavoidable, we strongly recommend a preference for Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified inputs, as FSC is currently the most rigorous certification system available.

Once a policy is in place and posted publicly to your website, Canopy will work with you and your team to support implementation. This includes personalized meetings to help you map your supply chain, support with supplier engagement, advice on sustainability best practices, and providing you with useful tools. For more information, email us at

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