Mobilizing Market Trendsetters

When Canopy began our work to further the protection of ancient and endangered forests, the debates surrounding the ‘wars in the woods’ were too often framed as either/or. Either choose jobs – or the environment. Either protection – or a robust economy.

Canopy recognized that the seismic shifts needed in both the conservation of our forests and how society manages forest use required solutions that would work for business as well as ecosystems.

To expand protection to levels that were biologically necessary, based on the best available science, would require innovation, new approaches to managing forests, viable alternatives for forest-product customers and a shared commitment to change the playing field.

We set out to mobilize the marketplace and help progressive, conscientious businesses and trendsetters develop sound purchasing policies. Our team works with companies to craft policies that will influence and shape the future of forests along with innovations and solutions that address the business need for certainty of supply.

Not only does Canopy advise companies on the best tools of the trade and present proven solutions to supply challenges, we work with change-makers who are ready to take giant strides. By redirecting corporate buyers away from products containing virgin tree fibre that originates from endangered forests, we address the problem of forest loss at its core: consumption.

As our partner companies learn more about the impacts of their purchasing decisions, many have become true forest champions, taking their markets influence to the next level by directly advocating for protection and engaging suppliers and governments in advancing conservation solutions.