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CanopyStyle Leaders for Forest Conservation

CanopyStyle Leaders for Forest Conservation

A collaboration providing vision, strategic insights, inspiration and active leadership for our world’s forests.

Sparks, smarts and strategy are driving the success of the CanopyStyle initiative.

Each month representatives from Canopy, H&MInditex/ZaraM&SStella McCartney and EILEEN FISHER come together to envision, strategize and inspire the CanopyStyle initiative.

This nimble group represents a subset of the over 160 brands, retailers and designers who are each and all responsible for the collective success of the initiative. Together we are forwarding forest protection in irreplaceable forests such as the Great Bear Rainforests, realizing consent of local communities prior to logging and action on past grievances, shifting the supply chain away from ancient and endangered forests and forwarding innovative fabrics made from fibre once considered waste.

Our model of change is the power of collective and together we are making change. Taking action and inspiring this leadership is the CanopyStyle Leaders for Forest Conservation.

Meet our CanopyStyle Leaders for Forest Conservation!

See the complete list of brands, retailers and designers who turn vision to reality.

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