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Making the Headlines

Even in today’s environment where newspapers are doing more and more online, print editions are still in large circulation and significant volumes of printed paper remain very important to the newspaper sector. In 2013, North American newsprint demand was about 4.5 million metric tons consuming approximately 50 million trees. Globally, the newspaper industry used 30 million metric tons of newsprint, consuming approximately 325 million trees. It is estimated that more than half the fibre feeding the industry comes from biologically diverse and ecologically important forests such as Canada’s Boreal Forest and the Coastal Temperate Rainforests.

Many international newspaper companies produce their papers using papers sourced from the world’s ancient and endangered forests. Even with declines in newsprint in North America and Europe, industry projections still envision significant volumes of newspapers to be in print for at least 10-15 years. In Asia and other regions, new newspapers are being launched and readership is expanding. Worldwide, 2.5 billion people regularly read newspapers in print. Without putting environmental initiatives in place, newspaper could take a heavy toll on carbon- and species-rich forests.

The Customer Is Always Right

Newspaper publishers are some of the most influential paper buyers in the world. Their significant purchasing power, coupled with a strong environmental policy, can motivate newsprint producers and forestry companies to improve the sustainability of their forestry practices as well as the papers they produce.

Canopy is working with many of the world’s leading newspaper publishers to implement cutting edge environmental paper policies, green the practices of their suppliers and advance large-scale forest conservation.

Building Market Support for Recycled and FSC Certified Newsprint

The simplest way for a newspaper to reduce its carbon footprint is to print on high-recycled content papers. However, unlike in much of Asia and the UK where the industry uses more than 80% recycled content papers, there are no industry-wide standards for recycled content in North America.

Looking ahead, the future of newspapers will integrate online and print platforms with the latter being leaner and greener. Canopy continues to support conscientious newspaper companies to develop and implement ecopaper procurement policies.

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