Announcing the CanopyStyle Audit – First Ever Audit of Forest-Based Fabrics


Canopy is pleased to announce the release today of the CanopyStyle Audit — the first ever comprehensive, third party audits of a global viscose and rayon producer to assess their risk of sourcing from the world’s endangered forests.


Lenzing is the largest producer of viscose in the world, and the first producer to under go the CanopyStyle Audit. This audit process is a major step towards transforming the environmental footprint of the rayon/viscose supply chain. The findings will help fashion brands know what level of risk there is of their fabrics originating from ancient and endangered forests, like those of Indonesia’s Leuser Ecosystem, or Canada’s Boreal.


Conducted by Rainforest Alliance, the CanopyStyle Audits were developed by Canopy and approved by the CanopyStyle Leaders for Forest Conservation. They are a requirement of the 100 CanopyStyle brands and retailers as they look to avoid sourcing from the world’s ancient and endangered forests. We expect more global fibre producers to publish their CanopyStyle Audits soon.


Read more about the CanopyStyle Audit here.