An Audacious Announcement

As an important member of our community of supporters and friends, we wanted you to be among the first to know some truly amazing news. We are excited to share with you that today Canopy received a $60 million investment over six years through The Audacious Project to transform the world’s paper, packaging and viscose supply chains and ensure a livable planet for all of us.

The Audacious Project is a funding initiative housed at TED that catalyzes social impact on a bold scale. Our Audacious idea is to catalyze a dramatic scale-up of Next Gen pulp production capacity and purchasing, and to eliminate the sourcing of high conservation value forests from supply chains. We will do this by supercharging our work and increasing Next Gen pulp production to 40 million tonnes annually by 2030 en route to ensuring no Ancient and Endangered Forests are logged to make pulp, paper, packaging or viscose production by 2033.

As you may already know, we lose over five billion trees a year to paper, packaging and viscose textiles. By turning food waste, agricultural residues, and textile waste into Next Gen fibres that can be used for packaging and clothing, we will protect the planet’s most critical forest ecosystems. And by working together, we can ensure that the next generation of pulp mills are designed to help, not harm, our planet.

This support through The Audacious Project bolsters the generous support of our existing philanthropic partners and will accelerate our ability to generate a global shift away from “take, make, and waste” production so that we preserve bio-diverse landscapes, move toward a more sustainable way of life, and ultimately help safeguard our climate.

Our plan is to strengthen demand for Next Gen solutions, scale Next Gen production totals to reduce pressure — and support the protection — of crucial forests.

We’re already off to a great start. We’ve secured commitments from 900 major companies — including Ben & Jerry’s, H&M, IKEA, and more — to end sourcing from the world’s most climate-critical forests.

And we have begun the work to set up hubs in key regions around the world beginning with India, Europe, and North America.

Over the coming weeks, we’re going to take you on a journey through the creation of a more sustainable and equitable supply chain.

We’ve launched a new website so you and our other partners can get exclusive updates and track our progress.