September 2021 Newsletter

Videos, annoucements, and a quiz for readers!

July 2021 Newsletter

Double the usual news this month, from big new partnerships to luminaries coming together to demand protection of old-growth forests.

April 2021 Newsletter

There’s a Fashion Revolution happening, and Canopy is part of it.

February 2021 Newsletter

From Single Use to Systems Change explained, Nicole Rycroft wins the Climate Breakthrough Award, and an interview on CBC Radio’s As It Happens.

December 2020 Newsletter

The latest Hot Button Ranking, the Pack4Good initiative grows, and a short video version our report, SURVIVAL.

Special Edition Understory – Clayoquot News

A message from Nicole Rycroft about conservation efforts in Clayoquot Sound, and a visual trip into Canopy’s involvement in this amazing forest landscape.

July 2020 Newsletter

A big week for CanopyStyle, Canopy’s new IG LIVE interviews, and a statement of solidarity with Black Lives Matter.

May 2020 Newsletter

Earth Day video with Vivienne Westwood, Audit news, and the safest way to hug during a pandemic.

January 2020 Newsletter

Canopy’s work in the age of pandemic, Next Generation Vision for Viscose, updated EcoPaperDatabase, and more.

Previous Editions

What’s in the Box, no turning back on Next-Generation Solutions and ZDHC and Canopy partner up in viscose work.

Threats to the Amazon,  Good news for Vancouver Island’s Clayoquot Sound and Next Generations Solutions are in the house!

Launch of Catwalk to Creation II documentary,  four new brands join CanopyStyle and Cree Nation leadership in conservation planning is set to inspire the Québec Government.

Canopy turns 20 by opening a new “Hum-Office”, Target joins CanopyStyle and Canopy launches the  #Irreplaceable campaign.

How Stella McCartney’s #ThereSheGrows campaign is helping the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia, who has added their voice to the campaign and an invitation to donate.

A blog introduction to fashion and the world’s forest, publication of the 2018 Hot Button Ranking of viscose producers and a Kermode bear surprise start this new year on a good note!

News about the ForestMapper launch, the first-ever interactive map of Ancient and Endangered Forests at a global scale and publication of the Blueline Ranking on printer’s sustainability are featured in this month’s Understory. 

Highlights from the Aceh Delegation Conservation and Green Financing Tour in the Great Bear Rainforest, a little history on the development of straw pulp paper and how it began, good news on the fundraising front and more.

July 2018 Newsletter

News about Québec’s Broadback forest, a new video about CanopyStyle, pictures from our travels, and the amazing story of the beginnings of the Second Harvest campaign are just some of the features of this month’s Understory.

May 2018 Newsletter

Catch up on our latest movie about our work in Indonesia, read Valerie’s Langer’s next generation solutions blog and meet Canopy’s latest team members.

March 2018 Newsletter

An inspired blog post about investment in straw pulp mills, meeting Canopy’s new campaigners, sharing news about CanopyStyle’s impact on the ground and more!

January 2018 Newsletter

A blog about the upcoming new market: making paper from plants, Canopy campaigners in China meeting viscose producers, Nicole Rycroft’s profile in GreenBiz and more!

Gap Inc. joins CanopyStyle and other news about our campaigns, Cree Leader Mandy Gull out to save the Broadback Forest’s last intact forests and more blog highlights, summer vacation fun and more!

World’s Largest Clothing Brands Commit to Eliminate Endangered Forests From Rayon and Viscose Clothing

The world’s two largest clothing brands have commited to eliminate ancient and endangered forests from all of their rayon and viscose clothing. The companies, retail and design leaders H&M and Inditex/Zara, developed these new purchasing commitments in partnership with Canopy as part of an initiative to address the growing impacts of the clothing industry on the world’s forests, biodiversity and climate.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s May 2014 newsletter.

Follow the Thread from Forests to Fashion

Canopy has documented that fiber from rare, carbon-rich forests is turning up on the fashion runway and your local shopping mall: in suit jacket linings, dresses, skirts, t-shirts and tank tops. It’s a growing and harmful trend that Canopy is helping brands to understand so they can take action. Corporate Knights Magazine features a Canopy-led innovation, breaking down stories on the business case for printing on straw paper, the opportunity to build a new resource sector in North America and the story behind actor Woody Harrelson’s commitment to growing the straw paper industry.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s December 2013 newsletter.

Signed, Limited Edition Copies of Nobel Laureate Alice Munro’s Dear Life

Munro’s latest book, Dear Life (her last now that she has announced her retirement) was printed on ecopaper for a limited edition. Printed specially on paper made from straw and post consumer recycled content rather than trees, the books highlight a viable solution to logging carbon-rich forests for paper. Canopy’s 2013 Green Print Leadership Report highlights innovation in the print sector. Representatives from companies with combined assets of over $700 billion gathered in Vancouver at a Canopy co-hosted Great Bear Rainforest Customer and Investor Roundtable.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s October 2013 newsletter.

Major US newspaper conglomerates take on endangered forest commitments

Yann Martel’s Life of Pi might be just the gift for Dad this Father’s Day. Canopy media coverage on Boreal decision. Green Print Leadership Report and more.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s June 2013 newsletter.

New paper procurement principles launched for major publishers

Get mom a limited edition copy of Dear Life printed on forest-friendly paper. Hugging and romancing the trees… Harlequin eliminates use of fibre from ancient & endangered forests. Canopy announced its withdrawal from the once praised Canadian Boreal Forest Agreement.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s May 2013 newsletter.

Canopy Leaves the Boreal Forest Agreement

Over the past several years, Canopy has dedicated enormous time and resources to the CBFA in a sincere effort to seek solutions for Boreal Forest protection through this multi-party process. Our hope was that collaborative dialogue with major forestry companies would help shape the future, as it has in the Great Bear Rainforest, and be a game-changer for Canada’s Boreal Forest and the species that depend on it.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s April 2013 newsletter.

Canopy Applauds Torstar’s Commitment to the Environment

Canopy Applauds Torstar’s Global Operations for New Commitment to the World’s Ancient and Endangered Forests. Torstar’s new paper procurement principles launched for several business units. The policies are in place for a global leader in women’s fiction, Harlequin books; Canada’s largest newspaper, the Toronto Star; and over 125 daily and weekly newspaper publications.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s Second April 2013 newsletter.

Alice Munro & Yann Martel give life to our forests!

Canopy’s solution to protecting the world’s forests and meeting business needs is brought to you thanks to recycled paper and the double life of straw leftover from our grain harvest. Canopy is proud to announce that 300 special edition signed copies of Yann Martel’s Life of Piand 50 signed copies of Alice Munro’s Dear Life are printed on this revolutionary paper.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s March 2013 newsletter.

Canopy celebrates Ancient Forest Friendly superheroes!

On December 6, 2012, Canopy presented our Ancient Forest Friendly Awards to recognize the efforts of corporate leaders in protecting the world’s forests, climate and species. Award-winners, guests and Canopy staff posed for photos in true superhero fashion – with red capes, masks and even the iconic heroic place of transformation, a photo booth!

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s December 2012 newsletter.

We’re spinning straw into gold!

Ever heard of a little Fortune 50 company called Sprint? The giant U.S. voice, data and internet provider is already No. 3 on Newsweek’s 2011 Green Rankings, and a well-known environmental leader. So, when they started looking for a business-savvy environmental NGO to advise them on forest product procurement and forest issues, they came to us.

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s November 2012 newsletter.

Step Forward!

Staples Canada now carries the first straw copy paper ever available to Canadian small businesses, home offices, families, students… you know, regular paper buyers.  Step Forward Paper is made from 80% leftover straw and 20% Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood.  That’s 80% less forest fibre than traditional paper!

Read about this and other stories in Canopy’s August 2012 newsletter.