Welcome to Canopy’s 2022-2023 Annual Report! This report tells the story of a pivotal year in our mission to transform supply chains and protect vital forest ecosystems all over the planet. 

We invite you to read about how Canopy gained a strong foothold in catalyzing the production of 60 million tonnes of Next Gen alternatives to forest fibre, how the CanopyStyle initiate reached over 500 brand signatories, how Pack4Good surpassed 360 brands and so much more! 

We know our journey is far from over, but the progress we are making is meaningful, and we are excited to move forward in the coming year with even more speed and audacity.

For the forests,


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Past Annual Reports:

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Keep Ancient and Endangered Forests Standing

By supporting Canopy’s work, you help to protect the world’s most integral forests and change the systems that drive their degradation and loss.

Together, we can protect the natural world, the climate, and humanity.