Second Harvest

Making paper out of agricultural residues such as straw waste is a smart way to alleviate pressure on forest ecosystems and provide sustainable business solutions. 

As corporations work to implement environmental policies and increase their sustainability profile, demand for straw-based paper, pulp and packaging material is on the rise. There are modern, commercial straw-based pulp & paper mills in several parts of the world. And there is huge growth potential for North Americans as demonstrated by the recent groundbreaking of the Columbia Pulp mill in Starbuck, Washington, USA.

Every year, after the harvest, there is enough straw left to produce 10+ million tons of pulp and paper even after accounting for soil maintenance and animal bedding needs.

  • There are companies looking to build straw fiber pulp & paper mills in North America.
  • There are investors looking for good projects.
  • There are pulp & paper buyers wanting to purchase the products.

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