Second Harvest In My Back Yard – A ‘Say Yes’ Project


Be Ahead of the Curve

Could your community be the ideal location for a straw based pulp mill?

Do you need jobs? A sustainable industrial tax base? Increased revenue for farmers?

Canopy is developing profiles of candidate mill sites to present to producers and investors.

Canopy and our team of experts are ready to work with communities to assess potential and develop their profile. 

As corporations work to implement environmental policies and increase their sustainability profile, demand for straw-based paper, pulp and packaging material is on the rise. There are modern, commercial straw-based pulp & paper mills in several parts of the world. And there is huge growth potential for North America. We are working with paper buyers, mill proponents, investors – and potentially you – to find good locations in the farm belt to build straw pulp mills to supply major paper and cellulosic fabric producers.

Every year, after the harvest, there is enough straw left to produce 10+ million tons of pulp and paper even after accounting for soil maintenance and animal bedding needs.

  • There are companies looking to build straw fiber pulp & paper mills in North America.
  • There are investors looking for good projects.
  • There are pulp & paper buyers wanting to purchase the products.

But where will mills be built?

Is your community a good candidate for a small, medium or large output straw fiber pulp mill?

Canopy will work with you to develop a portfolio to share with mill proponents and investors.

Canopy wants to see the development of straw-based pulps as a means to conserve forests and water and reduce toxics and carbon emissions.

We are well networked with commercial pulp & paper purchasers and with straw based pulp mill interests.

We are bringing together commercial buyers, manufacturers and investors.

We are dedicated to increasing the pace of development of this new industry in good locations.

We are keen to support rural communities interested in this new economic venture.

How to Participate:

The first step is to assess whether your community meets the baseline criteria for a commercial straw fiber pulp mill. CLICK HERE to nominate your community and provide a brief explanation as to why it would be a good candidate. We will follow up with you to determine if your community can say “Yes! In my backyard!”