Margaret Atwood Straw Paper Trial

“Human beings require oxygen and forests produce it; printed books require paper but paper need not be made from virgin forests.” 

Margaret Atwood

IOW field

In the fall of 2011, Margaret Atwood and Canopy piloted a new highly advanced species of paper with galactic potential for business and communities, and superhuman capacity to protect endangered forests.

The paper for this special edition book of Ms Atwood’s book of speculative fiction was made without any harm to fragile forest ecosystems. It contained only straw left over from the grain harvest, and post-consumer recycled content. It was the next step in Canopy’s campaign to remove the stress of paper production from our endangered forests.

Canopy’s limited special edition of Margaret Atwood’s In Other Worlds was printed exclusively on paper from a ‘Second Harvest’ of the wheat and flax crop residues – the first book on straw paper ever in North America! And with it, these two connoisseurs of thinking for a sustainable future began the countdown to the launch a new resource sector for North America.

The special edition of In Other Worlds demonstrated  that all this is possible in our own world right now if governments and entrepreneurs in the paper industry follow Canopy’s lead to launch this new resource sector into orbit.

Canopy thanks our visionary teammates for the In Other Worlds mission, McClelland & Stewart, Penguin-Random House Canada, Cascades Fine Papers (now Rolland), Alberta Innovates Technology Futures, and Friesens… and of course, the intrepid Margaret Atwood!