Printer Database

Printers with Ancient Forest Friendly Paper Procurement Policies

The following printers are collaborating with Canopy and have developed Ancient Forest Friendly paper policies – with commitments to eliminate papers that originate from ancient or endangered forests). They also stock or have access to a variety of Ancient Forest Friendly and environmentally improved papers featured in the Ecopaper Database. Clients using Ancient Forest Friendly papers may use the AFF logo (TM) on jobs printed with these printers.

If you are a printer stocking one of the Ancient Forest Friendly papers listed in the Ecopaper Database and want to be listed here, please e-mail

Printer Location Phone Has Straw Based Paper

Canadian Book Printers

AGMV Marquis Cap-St-Ignace, QC 800-363-2468
Gauvin Gatineau, QC 800-268-5201
TC Transcontinental 3 plants in North America
Webcom Toronto, ON 800-665-9322

Magazine Web Printers

Dollco Printing Ottawa, ON 800-267-2751  
St. Joseph Print Group
Concord Concord, ON 800-475-7746  
Thorne Thorne, ON 416-441-1411
RR Donnelley
TC Transcontinental 4 plants in North America

Commercial & Retail Printers

1984 Printing Oakland, CA 510-836-2385
A. Maciel Printing San Francisco, CA 415-648-3553
Angel Printing, Inc. Oceanside, CA 760-967-0492
Arandell Corporation, Inc. Menomonee Falls, WI 262-255-4400
Ashford Design, Inc. Olympia, WA & Portland, OR 360-402-3907 Tree Free Paper
Bacchus Press Emeryville, CA 510-420-5800
Bay Area Green Printing Hayward, CA 510-783-7001 Tree Free Paper
ColorGraphics 4 locations on the USA West Coast 323-261-7171
EarthColor Many US locations 973-884-1300 Wheat Straw, Flax and Hemp paper
Ecoprint Silver Spring, MD 301-585-7077
Fuse Graphics Atlanta, GA 770-499-7777
Green Printer Online
USA Cheyenne, WY 800-737-4308
Western Canada Delta, BC 800-737-4308 ex 102
Ontario Brampton, ON 800-737-4308 ex 104
Greenerprinter Berkeley, CA 866-978-8547
Hemlock Printers Vancouver, BC 800-663-2456 Wheat Straw paper
Inkworks Press Berkeley, CA 510-845-7111
Japs-Olson St. Louis Park, MN 952-932-9393
Label Impressions Orange. CA 714-634-3466
The LoweMartin Group Toronto, ON 866-521-9871
Mercer Color Coldwater, OH 800-248-6665
MET Fine Printers Vancouver, BC 604-254-4201 Wheat Straw paper
MLI Integrated Graphic Solutions Tampa, Florida 800-741-6838
MPH Graphics Inc. Toronto, ON 800-668-6037
O.J. Graphix Inc. Espanola, ON 800-565-6150
Plan it Green Printing Los Angeles, CA 310-403-2530 Many Tree Free paper options, incl wheat straw paper
Premier Press Portland, OR 800-618-8899
RR Donnelley
Sandy Alexander Clifton, NJ 973-470-8100 Wheat Straw paper
SEEDS Green Printing & Design Pittsburgh, PA 800-807-1488
Shelton Turnbull Eugene, OR 877-466-4625
Skytone Printing & Graphics Red Deer, AB 403-342-1414
Spirit Graphics and Printing Inc. San Diego, CA 619-216-0505 Hemp paper
Sprint Denver Denver, CO 303-371-0566
Standard Register Dayton, OH 800-442-5254
St. Joseph Documents Concord, ON 905-660-3111
TOOF Commercial Printing Memphis, TN 901-274-3632
TPH The Printing House Across Canada 1-866-874-3473 Wheat Straw paper
TC Transcontinental 6 commercial plants, 4 retail plants
Torstar Printing Group 9 plants 413-493-1300

Newspaper Printers

International Web Express Coquitlam, BC 888-315-8188 Wheat Paper
TC Transcontinental 11 plants in North America
Torstar Printing Group 9 plants 416-493-1300