Blueline Report



Welcome to Canopy’s Blueline Ranking of Sustainability in the North American Print Sector.

Canopy’s Blueline Ranking is an invaluable resource for every business requiring printing services while also striving to meet corporate sustainability objectives. The following ranking highlights key environmental performance areas of leading North American printers assessed for The Blueline Report.

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Studies have consistently shown that the highest carbon footprint of a printed product – like magazines and newspapers – comes from the paper these materials are printed on.

Your business needs a print partner that can help you address this and help you meet your sustainability goals.

Canopy’s Blueline Ranking makes it easy. This business consumer guide ranks North America’s top printers (by sales) according to 28 criteria that assess their forest fiber sourcing, sustainability standards, practices, transparency and the options they offer customers. The report offers useful tips on working with your printer to improve performance, along with case studies of companies who have successfully collaborated with their print partners to move up the sustainability ladder.

The printer and the papers you choose can enhance your company’s green credentials, mitigate risk and help sustain forests, threatened species and the stability of the climate. The Blueline Ranking is your guide to making the right choice.

If you’re a printer and would like to work with Canopy to update your company’s assessment or be added to the next ranking please contact: