Sophika Kostyniuk

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Senior Corporate Campaigner:

Sophika enjoys a 15-year track record of success leading numerous environmental and social justice initiatives throughout North America.  Most notably, she was responsible for working with the government of California to put in place organics labeling legislation, and establishing a grassroots movement across Canada in pursuit of environmental rights.



More about Me

Growing up as the daughter of high school teachers, I spent most summers travelling the wilds of North America with my family.  These early experiences instilled in me a curiosity about the natural world, and an appreciation of how intertwined people were with the place they lived.  After graduating with an Ecology degree and spending 3 years working for an engineering consulting firm near Toronto, I was convinced that there was more that I could do to protect the earth’s support systems then simply produce environmental assessments. In response, I packed my bags, flew to the west coast, and have dedicated the last 15 years to championing environmental causes ranging from ocean conservation to air quality to biodiversity.   Through these campaigns, it became abundantly clear how powerful visionary corporate leadership can be, and how key it is to moving the economy forward on a sustainable pathway.  This is where I’ve narrowed my focus and enjoyed the outcomes.

Why are forests important to me?

Forests are not only the lungs of our planet, but also immense storehouses of foods, medicines, biodiversity and act as critical carbon sinks that help regulate our climate.  After university, I went backpacking with my brother through northern Sumatra where we saw orangutans, hornbills, iridescent scorpions and met with traditional forest users. On several occasions, I remember being entirely overwhelmed by the sounds and scents of the forest; it was the most vibrant place I’ve ever visited.  Sadly, I know that this expanse of jungle has since been clear-cut, utterly destroyed, along with all that used to depend on it.  I want to shed light on the value of remaining intact forests, and help alleviate the pressures on these ecosystems.

Why Canopy?

As the mother of a young daughter who sees the natural world as magical and full of wonder, I’m reminded daily of how precariously perched we are in relation to the planet’s support systems. Canopy’s sharp focus and outcomes oriented approach are tremendously motivating, and allow me to effect ongoing positive change.

Ask Me About

Working with non-traditional conservation partners, and connecting with people on a human-to-human level. No matter who we are, or where we come from, we are all dependent on a few fundamental needs; fresh air, clean water, safe and healthy foods.  I have leveraged this notion continuously over the last 15 years with corporations, government, and consumer groups to great success.

What ruffles my feathers

Senseless consumption, and a world that is packaged in plastic.