Proof of Concept

The EarthColor-Canopy collaboration is proof that printers in North America can play an active and vital role for the forests by facilitating meaningful change in the print industry while also serving as a model for corporate/environmental non-profit collaboration.

EarthColor’s actions, stemming from our 6-year partnership, validate Canopy’s philosophy that business leaders can be a powerful force for environmental change. Our partnership to date has resulted in many of Canopy’s recommended solutions translating to commercial scale reality.

Never shying away from advocating for our global forests, EarthColor has shown market support for large scale protected area proposals in forests ecosystems such as the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia’s Coastal Temperate Rainforest, the Broadback Forest in Canada’s Boreal and the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia’s Rainforest.

The company’s FSC paper use has gone from 48 % annually to 65 % of total paper purchased in 2014.

Most noteworthy, EarthColor is leading US printers in supporting the research and development of papers made with agricultural residues such as wheat straw. Through EarthColor leadership, many Fortune 500 companies are able to print on straw paper — identified by leading life cycle studies as a lower footprint alternative to papers made with virgin fiber from endangered forests.

View EarthColor’s Environmental Policy.

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