The last stands

While Clayoquot Sound holds several large, intact ancient rainforest valleys, the rest of Vancouver Island is a patchwork of old-growth fragments. These last stands are still critically important for carbon storage and as habitat for threatened species such as the Marbled Murrelet and Northern Pygmy Owl.

The magnificent stands of red cedars in the central Walbran Valley, for example, warrant

protection if for no other reason than they are gigantic marvels of nature that have stood for a

thousand years.

As a society, we often decry the destruction of human-built temples and ancient libraries, yet allow these temples of nature to be turned into 2x4s.

The Walbran has been surveyed and flagged for logging and its future is teetering on the edge.

Canopy has identified the Walbran and other rare and threatened ‘hotspots’ on Vancouver

Island and is working with our allies and our business partners to foster long-term solutions that

will ensure the protection of these remaining stands of the Island’s ancient forests.