Building the market for straw papers

Since 2004 Canopy has been working throughout the forest products supply chain to encourage the production of straw-based pulp and paper as an alternative to the heavy footprint associated with virgin paper from the world’s endangered forests.

Through a detailed survey of just 180 pulp and paper buyers, Canopy identified 1.4 million tons of unmet demand for straw-based paper in North America alone. And we’ve just scratched the surface. This is enough customer demand to keep up to 10 mid-sized straw-based pulp/paper mills running full time[1] and generate up to US$1.04 billion per year in gross wholesale revenues?[2]

Canopy’s work in this field has led to over 350 company policies committing to source non-wood paper as soon as it is produced in North America at a viable price.


Pilot projects using straw paper in commercial print runs have garnered the support of three world famous authors, including Nobel prize winner Alice Munro, and a major North American magazine.

Our team is currently working to support entrepreneurs in the straw-based pulp and paper sector and with global clothing brands to research and explore options for non-wood pulp to replace ecologically damaging dissolving pulp for rayon and viscose fabric production.

Learn more about Canopy’s work on agricultural residues and straw pulp and papers as a solution to forest degradation here.



1. Canopy projections based on a mill with 50,000 tons annual output

2. Based on US$800/tonne (averaged global NBSK price 2014)