Hope and change

There is good news for the future of Boreal forests and Canopy is at the forefront of driving change.

After years of collaboration and hard work by the Cree Nations of Quebec, Canopy and our allies in the environmental community and with the vigorous support of forest product customers, the Quebec government acceded to the urgent need to protect large tracts of the province’s Boreal Forest.

Photo by Mélissa Filion
Photo by Mélissa Filion

While the work is not complete and further increments of protection are essential, in June of 2015, the government joined the Crees in announcing an enormous step forward in protecting Quebec’s boreal jewel, the Broadback Forest. Learn more about this tremendous victory for conservation, the work that remains to be done and how the forest-products marketplace can help secure the additional protection needed.

Meanwhile, momentum is building within the clothing and fashion sectors to change the future of viscose and rayon fabric sourcing.

Our CanopyStyle initiative is partnering with global retail leaders such as clothing giants H&M and Zara/Inditex and fashion innovators like Stella McCartney and EILEEN FISHER to remove ancient and endangered forest fibre from runways, boutiques and shopping malls.

Incredible progress is being made with these fashion leaders and their suppliers and each step forward marks the path to a more sustainable future for fashion and forests. Learn more about how CanopyStyle and our fashion-forward work is helping to protect threatened forests, species and the world’s climate.

And finally, Canopy continues to work with printers, the newspaper sector, book publishers and large customers of paper to develop more sustainable purchasing policies and foster the growth of alternative fibers.

We help these sectors avoid sourcing fiber from ancient and endangered forests, identify the best paper options including FSC certified and recycled through our Ecopaper Database while our Second Harvest campaign (link) is taking bold steps to develop North American production of straw-based pulp, made from agricultural residues.

In the wake of several successful trials our efforts are now moving straw into the mainstream as Canopy corporate partners such as Sprint (link to feature company Sprint) embrace its potential.

There is hope for our Boreal forests and Canopy is at the forefront of leading the change.