Love for Canopy


Sending holiday love.

I’m going to come right out and say it — the Leuser Ecosystem in Indonesia is the most perfect place on earth. I should know, I live here! Did you know that Indonesia’s tropical rainforests contain 10% of the entire world’s mammal species? And 16% the world’s bird species, and 11% of all the plant species on earth? The forests here also store billions of tons of carbon, which is vital to climate stability. The Leuser is so special that it’s the only place in the world where elephants, tigers, rhino’s and orang-utans like me all live together in the wild.

I like to hang out in the tree canopy, high above the ground, where I eat bark, leaves, flowers, insects, and my favourite, over 300 kinds of fruit. And the forest is my own personal jungle gym, I hang, play, laugh, blow kisses… all the fun things my human cousins enjoy, and I really need a lot of forest for that! I love my canopy home, and I’m also big fan of Canopy, the organization, and everything they are doing to protect the Leuser Ecosystem.

People rely on the Leuser too, over four million get their fresh water from here, and the intact forest protects the whole island from flash floods. There is currently a plan in place to develop the protected Leuser Ecosystem for logging and palm oil plantations that could see my beautiful home deforested beyond repair.

Canopy is working with major customers of forest products, like publishers, printers, and the clothing industry, to find solutions for the rainforests, communities, and animals of Indonesia. If I may say so, Canopy, the organization, is quite like me; they are clever, playful, and ingenious. They persuade these big companies to commit to ending sourcing from endangered forests like the Leuser, and they also encourage these companies to work toward on-the-ground conservation solutions. It’s an approach that really benefits the forests, just ask my friends in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Please help my friends at Canopy help me keep my home by making a donation to fund their work. Don’t forget that these are the last few days you can make a donation in 2016. And come visit me sometime to hang out!

Here are some of my favourite songs for you to enjoy.