It has been the best of years, it has been the worst of years…




Maybe that’s not exactly true, but how could I resist? It is truly wonderful that the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements were ratified in February 2016, making 85 percent of this gem of coastal temperate rainforest permanently off limits to logging. The Agreements were years in the making, and are precedent setting. And pretty important to me, since the Great Bear Rainforest is the only place in the world that my kind is found. They are even named after my bear community!

What’s not very good news is the continued logging of intact, old-growth forests on Vancouver Island. Vancouver Island’s Coastal Temperate Rainforest is one of the world’s natural wonders. These exceptional remaining stands of old-growth forest give visitors the opportunity to experience the wonder of trees so large it takes a dozen or more people, arms outstretched and fingers touching, to circle their girth. These last stands are habitat for threatened species such as the Marbled Murrelet and Northern Pygmy Owl. The iconic valleys of Clayoquot Sound, and ancient cedars of the Walbran Forest, are just two of the thirteen Vancouver Island’s hotspots that are at risk for logging.

My friends at Canopy have been working hard to raise awareness about these threatened areas by partnering with large companies that use products from the Coastal Temperate Rainforest and working with them to find more sustainable sourcing practices. These companies worked closely with Canopy to help push the Great Bear Rainforest Agreements through, and we hope they will do the same for Vancouver Island.

So please consider donating to Canopy this season to help them keep up their work for the Coastal Temperate Rainforsts of Vancouver Island. And because you’ve been so giving with me, I want to give back to you. Please enjoy this playlist of some of my favourite songs.